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We offer several food and service options based on your occasion, budget and food likes. Please let us know what is your occasion, your budget if you have one, needs of rental equipment if you need any and who will be responsible to take care about rental equipment.  

Price will be calculated based on your food choices, food preparation time and time need to create and execute individual menus at your site.

For each event there is per person charge which covers food cost, shopping time and off site food preparation. 

In addition to per person charge there is on site labor fee for chefs, waitresses and bartenders. There is 5 hrs. min charge for each stuff member. Some events require more than 5 hrs. on site and it will be discussed with client before hand. 

Number of stuff members will depend on size of your event and service requirements. 

7% Massachusetts food tax and 20% Gratuity is also added to final bill.


We are one of the best among Cape Cod caterers and will do our best to accommodate any requests you might have. 

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Deposit is required at the time of booking the date of an event. 

All deposits are non returnable.

Cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation of your event we will accommodate you with rescheduling at our best discretion within 6 months of the original date. Your deposit will be used against the future bill. 

If an Cape Cod event is cancelled within two weeks of scheduled date, deposit becomes non refundable cancellation